Women & Nature

Women have long been intertwined with nature and play a significant, but often overlooked, role in the conservation of our planet. This connection is clear in figures of speech, such as ‘mother earth’ or ‘mother nature’, and in historically designated gender roles. We’ve globally relied on women to provide abundance and fertility in their homes and natural surroundings. The ability to survive and thrive remains largely dependent on the state of the natural environment and availability of resources. No plants, no life.

Environmental sustainability is widely dependent on the consistent participation and contributions provided by all humans. In order to cultivate a stable balance between the earth’s resources and us, we must emphasize the personal responsibility we carry to protecting our wilderness. The role women play in the conservation of resources is undervalued and often taken for granted. An inherent wisdom to nurture is ingrained deep in their roots, and when stimulated holds the capacity to create lasting change. Empowering young girls and women to recognize their power to evolve is the key to creating harmony between human existence and our natural world. This will stimulate future generations to appreciate the moral and social obligations that come with the privilege of being female.

Implementing changes that affect both our perception of responsibility to nature and the interactions we hold with it requires internal and external growth. Internal growth empowers us to be held accountable for our actions while inspiring an urge to maintain the earth’s splendor. In addition to caring for our surroundings, we also grow to nourish ourselves in a more fulfilling way. When you’re feeling taken care of and supported, it’s easier to extend energy towards global concerns. This process instills a sense of obligation to the environment and it’s well-being, bringing consciousness to our everyday actions. With this awareness in mind, we can string small efforts together to create a system of sustainable living that influences our environment. Ever notice how wonder woman doesn’t spend all her time thinking about personal desires and sorrows? She’s devoted to giving back for her people and fighting to serve the best interest of all humans, even if that means she doesn’t live happily ever after.

External growth occurs all around us and is perpetuated by acts of human devotion. Resources are abundant when there’s value associated with the earth’s offerings, but this is often not the case. We take without consequence and feel hesitant to give based on egotistical ambitions. It’s a destructive pattern that holds an infinite number of solutions, many being simple lifestyle changes. Adopting sustainable habits starts with admitting where you’re at fault and addressing where changes can be made. This kind of growth challenges us to live beyond our own prosperity and act in a way that serves the greater good of all beings.

Being an active participant in this life is an unbelievable privilege that comes certain ethical responsibilities. The problem is that many humans have developed a sense of entitlement to the earth’s offerings without feeling the urgency to give back. Sadly, It’s often not until people face direct consequences of their behaviors that they feel the need to take action. By this point, the damage has already been done and is seldom irreversible. As humans, we’ve been privileged to exist in a world of abundance that’s taken for granted every day. If more people can open their eyes to what a miracle this existence is, we can stop the cycle of taking without any return. If this pattern continues, we won’t have anything left for future generations and no one to blame but ourselves.

One of the first steps towards saving the planet is empowering our women to realize their worth and see their potential. Companies like Planties give back to the environment with each purchase and leave women feeling inspired by their choice. Every tree planted by your purchase truly makes a difference when we all band together as one and choose change over resistance. These small movements are what shapes future generations to see the power they hold individually and combined to make a difference in the world. Just as women are able to biologically create and sustain human life, let’s encourage their ability to do the same in nature.

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