Social Caterpillar

My parents have said my whole life what a social butterfly I am. I thrive when I’m spending time with friends or family, and also love being surrounded by large crowds. Being around people feels safe and comfortable, whereas being alone feels intimidating and sometimes downright scary. Not to say that I don’t ever enjoy being alone, there are days I crave it and flourish in the solitude. I become my most creative when withdrawn, and sometimes that means facing overwhelming thoughts and emotions head-on. I’ve only recently recognized my tendency to avoid being alone when I’m not in a good head space. These are the times when I’m more of a social caterpillar, using the warmth of others to blanket my troubles and hiding in their loving kindness. I don’t think it’s the worst coping mechanism, but having identified it encourages me to fully experience and explore everything that comes my way, even if it’s painful.  How do you relate to solitude?

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