Stop Trying

Ever been in a yoga class and thought ‘why can’t I get my leg straight?’ or ‘how does he/she make it look so easy while I’m over here dying to stay in?’. These physical differences, while also being dependent on consistent practice, evolve from a specific mental state that is detached from the potential outcome. Next time your in a pose that challenges you try to follow your thoughts, and anytime doubt or comparison creeps in notice the sensation it brings to the body. Chances are you’ll find yourself subconsciously resisting more and letting go less. We only learn to let go by facing things head on and allowing them to dissipate from our consciousness. From there we can sink deeper into the understanding of ourselves and allow a true sense of release to wash over. This is how people can look so relaxed in the most difficult shapes, they’ve found peace with what is and have let go of what is not.

Similar to being in a yoga pose, we can’t keep trying to make something happen in our life just because it’s what we want. These things only happen when we release any sense of control and trust the process. This is an extremely challenging and annoying concept for anyone with expectations to cope with. The desire for something to happen takes us away from what actually is happening and out of the present moment. Folding into ourselves and allowing things to come and go without becoming attached is no joke and requires a lot of practice. Even as I write this I am learning and practicing and trying to make sense of it all.

Wanting is consuming and drains us of appreciation for the abundance which surrounds us already. This doesn’t make us ungrateful, just clouded by the perception that what we already have isn’t enough to sustain happiness. I mean, how could we not fall into this cycle when media is constantly sending subliminal messages about what else we need to fulfill our lives? It’s all around us every single day, but knowing that and being aware of this idea is the first place to start practicing letting go and acknowledging that we already have everything we need. We are everything we need. The rest will come.


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