This Is Also Me

In these words I offer you the truest expression of what’s embedded under my skin, between my bones, and deep within my heart space. Rarely are all parts of me in unison, and sometimes I feel an internal debate between each space, but they’re all me. 

I notice that if every fiber of my being isn’t in agreement, the words ripple out of me as a confused wave of hesitation, fear, and self-doubt. And what I’ve learned is that this is not only okay, but entirely necessary. To stop resisting and simply ride the wave of chaos and skepticism until there is perhaps just a wisp of clarity is a feat that many overlook, and most criticize. 

The bond I’ve created between myself and the world around me is always changing, but I have the ability to navigate through the uncertainty with dignity and pride for the path I’ve chosen. Life may feel wonderful and light one day and then fucked and pissy the next, but this is the balance. 

It’s the days where my inner critic can’t be softened next to the days where empowering thoughts and actions thrive. I choose to stomp through life with confidence knowing there is a fire within me that may flicker some days and burn brilliantly others, but it’s resilience never ceases to astound me. 

So instead of trying to ‘fix’ something when I feel anything less than a badass, I decide to fearlessly walk alongside this part of my being. My name is Rachel and I live unapologetically as a passionate, stubborn, and outspoken woman – and even on days when I can’t find balance I don’t mind telling the world that this is also me.

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