The Art of Fasting 

As I sit here embracing my last glorious morning of vacation in Colorado, I am simultaneously anxious to return home with the clarity and motivation I have gained from being away.  Reflecting on my current position in life is an insightful experience when I am able to take a step away in a quiet space (or in my case 3,000 miles) and let each aspect arise naturally. I’ve had the pleasure of constructively dissecting my daily life in order to observe what changes could be made to benefit my happiness. I found 3 areas where I could sense a shift needed to take place and dove in.

  • Television – Although television is not a huge part of my day as is, Drew and I spend many evenings consumed in a show before falling asleep. I refuse to let myself become programmed and unaware to my surroundings. The change here is to spend 3 or more evenings not watching television. I want to engage the end of the day with the same integrity I use for the start.
  • Social Media – Being a small business owner who advertises through social media, I have become highly dependent on my iPhone. I find myself mindlessly checking to see what others are doing, which takes time away from the moment I am currently receiving. I want to actively be more present and make more real human connections. In order to keep my little business alive I can’t delete my accounts altogether, but I am opting to only engage in social media during certain limited hours of the day.
  • Food – Fasting from food is not just for religious purposes. Taking a break from eating gives your body a chance to catch up and receive clarity. I have decided to begin a weekly fast from Sunday evening to Monday evening.

When I’m not fasting – I’ve scribbled down a list of staples that make sense for me to always have on hand based on my dosha and lifestyle. There’s a ton of foods I’m probably forgetting on this list, but it serves a good outline. Enjoy!


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