About Karma

So I’ve been thinking a lot about karma lately, and what started as a simple thought has quickly evolved into an entire new pattern of thinking for me. We all hear about people having ‘good karma’ or ‘bad karma’, but who decides what qualifies as good or bad? When something bad happens to a person, who by our standards deserves it, there is a tendency for us to scoff and declare that they had received their fair dose of karma. Likewise, when someone we feel is worthy has good fortune we deem this to be a reflection of their positive karmic score. What’s often forgotten is that we are all basically good down to our core and we all deserve the same happiness and peace. No person is less deserving and no life matters more than another. The universe sends us exactly what we need in each moment, constantly giving us the opportunity to realize the divine gifts and understand them with gratitude. However, these gifts do not always appear a blessing and finding the good can sometimes seem impossible. This is where it gets difficult.

I recently suffered the heartbreak of loss, and although the grief came in stages, one aspect stuck around for the entire healing process right down to the end. The notion that I somehow karmically deserved such heartache came to me almost immediately, so quickly that I never even questioned it until I truly began to heal. When things happen in life we automatically put a label on it and assess it based on the view we hold of the world. I perceived it to be good when I hit all green lights on my way home and bad when i realized I had overdrafted my bank account. What we need to explore more is the true impact these occurances have on our life and how they serve us positively. If you can’t find the light yourself, ask someone for a view from the outside. There is always something to be grateful for from every situation, no matter how dark it may appear. When the unthinkable happens remember that you are worthy of the invaluable lessons the universe is sending. It is our karma to seize each opportunity for what it is and continue on our journey. It’s not punishment, it’s exactly as it’s supposed to be, neither good nor bad.


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