All About Transitions

It’s always incredible when I discover a new way to transition between poses. When I first saw this drop-back into urdhva dhanurasana (upward-facing bow pose) I was intimidated and fearful of what might go wrong (i.e. completely destroying my quadriceps) – but decided to give it a whirl anyways. After a few attempts with strong hesitation, I found my focus and began to feel comfortable in my ability to safely transition. It is important here to maintain a gentle speed and give your body time to adjust through each stage of the back bend. Once your hands have reached the floor behind you your shins should already be geared up and leaving the ground. Hold the pose for several breaths and to take it even deeper drop back down onto your shins and release your forearms to the floor as well. Hold this again for several breaths before slowly returning to a kneeling position with your head being the last to return upright. Be certain to come straight back up out of the pose rather than off to either side as this could tweak the spine. Anything is possible once you become confident in your own abilities – maybe not right away but consistent practice and dedication are key. Happy Playing!

Learn and Love.

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