I See You With My Third Eye

Agya Chakra
Agya = Knowledge, Command
At the point between the spine and the brain lies the bridge to divine consciousness, the Agya chakra. In order to distinguish clearly between truth and untruth we must have a pure consciousness which is not clouded by perception. This allows us to see clearly and allows ignorance to become knowledge. When the Agya chakra is clouded and unbalanced the mind oscillates between the other chakras, causing decisions to stem from places of misinterpretation. When we can harness our energy towards the enlightenment of the Agya chakra, we can fully understand ourselves and our actions.
For my meditation on this chakra I began by sitting in vajrasana and with a deep exhale I folded forward into shashankasana and remained here for several deep breaths. While in shashankasana I kept my thumbs at my third eye center and focused my energy to this region. The color purple resonated within my mind as I focused on allowing whatever thoughts and feelings arise to come and go as they naturally would.
“Be yourself, live happily and wisely, without dependence.
Awaken your abilities and use them.
Recognize your inner wealth.
You possess everything. The entire Universe is yourself.”

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