Stuck Between Holding On And Letting Go

‘I take time to reflect on my amazing life.
I look at where I am today and I look at how
I came to be here. I acknowledge the
darkness and the light. I have a clear vision of
the positive changes that I need to make in
my life so that I may heal and grow in the most
beautiful way possible.
I let go of regrets and disappointments.
I accept my journey for what it is and I
acknowledge that only I can do my healing work.
This journey is my own and I can make it
whatever I would like. I am a beautiful human
being, worthy of happiness and love.’

My whole life I have been considered by all definitions to be a ‘pack rat’ – but not in the stereotypical manner it has come to be associated with. I am not a hoarder of material objects, but rather a collector of memories which I store in a series of journals. I have been keeping journals since I learned to write and have continued into my adulthood. As I’ve gotten older the significance in my journals has become more apparent and I cherish each as a piece of who I am. I make a point to document anything I would hate to forget – and when I reflect on them after years have passed I’m grateful I took the time to do so. I am nearing the completion of a journal that has taken me a full year to complete and this prompted me to peek at some of my older journals for inspiration.

Right now I’m listening to The Lumineers – Flapper Girl 

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